In The Meantime, The Dewitt County Jail Will Do Long Overdue Maintenance On The Jail Cells That Are Currently Vacant.

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They are no where near the doomsday scenario of the Orion Pictures movie Terminator where the Skynet AI unleashes a nuclear holocaust. Nevertheless the U.S government never wants anything remotely similar to happen in the real world of AI. The stated purpose of U.S. government supervision of AI development, according to Holdren and Smith is that "AI will continue to contribute to economic growth and will be a valuable tool for improving the world, as long as industry, civil society, and government work together to develop the positive aspects of the technology, manage its risks and challenges, and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to help in building an AI-enhanced society and to participate in its benefits." One big threat the report alludes to is a further widening of the poor-to-rich gap, while AI takes over the middle ground jobs leaving only low-end service/manual-labor jobs and high-end engineering/management jobs for people. However, most of those concerns were deferred to the promised "economic impact" AI report. The current reports instead focus on what is the state-of-the-art today and how it is likely to evolve over the next 20 years. One last data point on jobs, however, which is not in the "Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence" report, is a June 2016 Forester Research report that reinforces the possible negative economic impact of AI. In its $499 report The Future Of White-Collar Work: Sharing Your Cubicle With Robots its first chapter titled "Robots Aren't Stealing All The Jobs Just 7% Of Them." it is predicted that AI will eliminate 16 percent of U.S. jobs, while creating only nine percent new U.S.

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11 inmates will now wake up in the Piatt county jail in Monticello. The Dewitt county jail has been losing revenue since 2010 "Two of those big issues were drops in federal housing needs from the Federal Marshals service, and the other big issue in DeWitt county is our tax revenues, specifically in anticipation of losing the Clinton Nuclear Power Plant, Said DeWitt county sheriff Jered Shofner Now, the jail isrealigning its operations, to meet its current needs. "We're making adjustments now that will benefit the tax payers in the future regardless of what happens with the nuclear power plant, and regardless of what happens with the federal prisoners," added sheriff Shofner. The new agreement with Piatt county will keep law enforcement in the community strong. However, the DeWitt county jail isn't sure if this is new form of business is permanent. "If we see this is not in the best interests of the DeWitt county tax payer or public safety we'llmake other changes, expressed sheriff Shofner. In April if the county decides the new operations are cost effective, they will then choosewhat to do with free space left in the jail. In the meantime, the DeWitt county jail will do long overdue maintenance on the jail cells that are currently vacant. .

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