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Jessica Clarke model on reality of the fashion industry | Daily Mail Online

MailOnline iPad app 'I feel like nowadays... with things like Instagram it's about ''this is my real life and it's perfect, I'm always airbrushed'' and it's just not true.  'It's always been something that's not quite real and it's not supposed to take a look at the site here be taken to heart as much as it is today.' Jessica is speaking out in a bid to offer an insight to the trillion-dollar fashion industry  She fears that the younger girls, including up and coming models, will buy into the 'perfect' facade which could be detrimental to their bodies or state of mind. 'There's so many girls, like younger models, that go into this world thinking that's who they have to be, and it's just cookie cutters set out by agencies of what size you should be, how you have to look and how you have to have no cellulite. 'We don't have to be those people because guess what? Us, the models, we're not those people either. 'On a good day I will have perfect skin but other than that there's caked on make up, highlighter and all of that other stuff.'  The esteemed model was the first to walk the Victoria's Secret catwalk from New Zealand Jessica says that transitioning to styling has given her an opportunity to take some control back. 'Styling is an amazing way to express creativity in the industry and how you put the clothes together. 'I feel like making those decisions can make the models and the young girls so much more comfortable and confident, and also portray something to the rest of the world which is more real and it can be more of a wonderland than fantasy.'   'I think with styling, the pressures of being that tiny aren't as great when a stylist like me can choose clothes that fit the girls and work with these girls who can make beautiful art instead of trying to squish people - who are all different - into one certain type of clothes and still look beautiful no matter what size you are, as long as you have the right size.  'You can take creations by the designers and use them to reflect a culture or a movement or just create beautiful imagery, that's something that I really love because it brings the fashion industry back to what it actually is. Jessica has worked alongside many designers, photographers and artists - and she said she has the utmost respect for them. 'They are the stars and the reason the fashion world is such an amazing wonderland.' She said the models you see on the catwalk are athletes who pour loads of work into looking like they do  The modelling industry is a glamorous world filled with flawless figures, million dollar mansions and wardrobes most can only dream of but all is not as it appears at face value  After hailing from humble beginnings in Palmerston North, New Zealand, Jessica doesn't overlook the chances she was given or doubt how lucky she is to be able to go as far as she has.   'I had a really rooted upbringing, so I always stayed genuine, luckily I have my mum and dad, and my brothers and my cousins who always shoot me down if cheapest online shopping sites in usa I get too cocky and my friends from Palmerston North.' She spends her time working and studying between New York and London, with an occasional visit to Australia and New Zealand, with her boyfriend Rufus Taylor, who is the drummer for The Darkness.  Jessica said that despite the perks of her job, she isn't chasing the approval of others, she just wants it to be known that it isn't all online shopping essay as it might appear at face value.   'A lot to do with luck and timing, there's a lot of times where I doubted if this was what I wanted to do.' She said young women, who are still teenagers, might not be prepared for the industry.  'When they think this is who they have to be, it's such a massive thing to have put on you.  'I believe when you leave home you get to really explore yourself and start your own adventure. I encourage my fellow ladies to not succumb to the idealistic expectations and follow there own path.' Jessica has made friends who are renowned for their stunning beauty but she says they too suffer at the hands of pressure  Jessica says no one is immune to feeling the pressures of the fashion world, not even the models  Although Jessica isn't afraid to admit she has a lot to learn, she said she is passionate about the industry.

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